Monday, 8 June 2009


Its all over!

What a crazy night! 700 people gathered out by the sea to watch the grand Secret Wars Malmö final and dance until the sun came back up.


Both teams were hampered by a dusty board but still managed to blast some killer artwork. Got to take the forces of nature into consideration when battling outdoors..

Ebony and Ivory's clever piece had the guys themselves skinning one of their opponents and forcing the other to make shoes out of the skin. Team SICTU also chose to depict all four finalists.. LIMPO drew himself as a Godzilla character, climbing the Turning Torso whilst carrying Georg, and with S.I.C about to castrate him.

Judge 1 - Jimmy Wallin, comic book artist: SICTU

Crowd's vote: SICTU

Judge 2 - Felipe Villagran, artist: SICTU

3-0 to SICTU!!

Well done all artists. A tough battle that was very enjoyable to watch.

After the champions were crowned the party kicked off for real! First party people arrived at 21:00 and the last people left at 06:30. The sunrise was amazing and the five djs went through every music style its possible to dance to. Truly a great night!
This concludes the 2009 team tournament...but stay tuned cus Secret Wars and Smutsiga Södern will be back sooner than you think!

Big Thanks to Fredrik, Viktor, Filip, Morgan, Karin, Sebastian, The DJs: Fructoso Diiyay, Rome, Rob Love, Hud, akai One, Reebok, Impala and everyone who came out and helped us close this Secret Wars season in style!

Photos by R. Ureke and F. Håård

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