Friday, 28 November 2008

Secret Wars Malmö - the Final!


1200 people can't be wrong!!
The old sausage skin factory was filled to it's very limit on friday when the epic SW Malmö 2008 tournament reached its conclusion..
Another Secret Wars & Smutsiga Södern collaboration had Ossian and Fabian battle it out in front of a massive crowd and the party kept going until 6 in the morning!

Special guests beatboxer Reeps One (London, UK) and rappers J-Ro (Tha Alkaholiks, etc) & Bini el Luchador took turns at entertaining the crowd. Everyone from everywhere got their feet dirty and drank beer until the bar ran out(!?). An amazing night!

Secret Wars Malmö 2008 result:

Ossian vs. Fabian 2-1

Fabian came into the final on the back of two straight 3-0 victories and was considered as the favourite by many. He chose to continue the "shop-theme" he established in his semi-final, creating a nursery and plonking a baby version of Ossian in the middle. Ossian responded with an energetic piece bringing back some serioulsy old-school dizzes..! "Talk to the hand, cus..."

It turned out to be real close battle and the first judge to be asked still hadn't made his mind up when asked after 20 min of thought!? Instead Lars from Molotow TV stepped up and cast his vote in favour of Ossian.
Next up was the ol' decibel reader and after some ear-numbing screaming it turned out Fabian had won the crowd's vote by as little as 0.2dB.. 1-1!
Finally the last judge, Dick from Impala, had made his mind up....he showed a whiteboard with Ossian's name on it and the score landed at 2-1 to Ossian, the first ever Malmö Secret Wars champion!!

Congratulations to the winner! He will now go on to represent Malmö against Gothenburg in a planned 2on2 battle early next year. Also look out for a limited edition t-shirt in collabo with Reebok and Impala!! Not to mention specially customized Reebok sneakers at your favourite Malmö streetwear store.. all ended happily. Eight talented artists gave their all and after seven hard fought battles only one remains. Let's take a breather and then do it all again!!
Anyone think they got what it takes...send some pixxxs to a.s.a.p!

Secret Wars Scandinavia would like to thank everyone involved and especially the artists, the crowd, the judges, the three DJ's Rob Love, AKAI One & Simón de la Onda, Viktor the driver, Casspe, Reeps One, the two MCs, Edding and Reebok!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Live Radio...Again!

Be sure to check out the Secret Wars Malmö crew live on radio tonight between 2100-2200!
Notion Blend 99.1 Mhz
..and if your not in the south of Sweden it will also be available online.. for months to come!

Secret Wars Malmö - FINAL!!!! friday 28th

Yes Yes Yes.. It's time!


Who will be crowned Secret Wars Champion of Malmö? In the early hours of Saturday we will know..

Doors open at 2200....battle starts at 2300 (the paint will be dry this time, prooooomise!)
Don't be late!!

(free beer to 100 first through door, yup!)

Secret Wars Malmö - Semifinals!

What a blast!
No rain and biggest crowd yet!!
Two tickets to the grand final were at stake and all four artists brought their A-game..

Semi finals results:

Ossian vs. Fridelic 2-1
Crowd's vote went to Fridelic, but both the judges wanted Ossian's cat to prowl into the final.

Ikkyro vs. Fabian 0-3
The two contestants followed each other closely across the board, exchanging hard punches. In the end there could only be one winner though.. Fabian took all three votes and is ready for the final!

Thanks to everyone who attended, the judges, the DJ's and the very talented artists...Big Up you guys!!
(The pens were supplied by Edding and Reebok put fresh sneakers on all artist's feet)

Monday, 10 November 2008


This Friday it's time for the four remaining contestants to battle it out for two coveted places in the Secret Wars Malmö Final!

The architect, the graffiti writer, the fantasy illustrator and the comic book artist...they all wanna be invited back for the grand final...who's got what it takes?!?

Fridelic vs. Ossian
Ikkyru vs. Fabian

Be on time! Doors open 2200 and Battles start 2300!