Friday, 5 June 2009

MashUp Success

The Secret Wars Freestyle MashUp at Studio Seved turned out very nicely indeed!

Around 70 people turned up in Sofielund to watch live art, buy raffle tickets and take part in the auction.

The seven artists created twelve collaboration pieces, each one crazier than the other.
The auction was an exciting affair with the bids bouncing off the gallery walls like rubber bullets.
In the end all the art found new happy homes.. Thanks to Vladimir, Fredde, Ida, Andreas, Markus, Daniel and especially Niklas for turning their wallets inside out - All money was split evenly between the artists!

Featured artists: Ossian, S.I.C, Georg, Pistolina, Ekwe, Ikkyro and LIMPO

Thanks to Studio Seved, Edding for supplying pens and all who attended!

More pics to follow

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