Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Secret Wars Malmö - Q-finals 3 & 4

The Malmö tournament continued in style on the 24th October.
Despite the rain a good 500 people showed up and partied until 7 in the morning!

Pistolina vs. Ikkyro 1-2

This battle was full of swords and blood with both artists going for a literal interpretation of "Wars". Ikkyro's fantasy army got both the judges votes, while Pistolina's stylish reply got the crowds vote.

Fabian vs. Camilla von Eklund 3-0

After the warm-up at Impala many rated Camilla as their favourite to scoop the 1st prize in November...but Fabian definitely had other ideas!
This top class battle was fought on all kinds of levels and in the end Fabian ran out a 3-0 winner and booked a place in the semis.

Thanks to the crowd, the very excellent artists, the DJs, Sonny the photographer, the judges Dick-Johanna-Tor-Olof, Edding and Reebok!

Friday, 24 October 2008

3 and're Up!

Let's do this!

Quarterfinals 3 & 4:

Pistolina vs. Ikkyro
Fabian vs. Camilla Von Eklund

Same place, Same time (2200 hours, be on time! first 100 through the door gets free beer!)

Oh..and another thing, Malmö's top two breakdance crews are gonna settle their b-beef tonight on the SW-floor..

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Secret Wars MALMÖ - Q-finals 1&2

On 3rd of October we kicked off the Secret Wars 2008 Malmö tournament at the secret sausage skin factory location...and it was a smashing success!

A good 500 people turned up to see Box Rock Man vs. Ossian and Code26 vs. Fridelic and they were treated to explicit artwork, a judging controversy, crazy beatboxing and a damn good party!

Box Rock Man vs. Ossian 0-3

B-R Man tried a very novel approach to the Secret Wars battle format, using written text (lyrics) as a major part of his piece. Ossian counterpunched with a straight up caricature. Judges (Terry Guy & Adam Blomgren) and the audience scored the contest an unanimous win for Ossian.

Code26 vs. Fridelic 0-1

Code26 used some inside info to attack the fact that Fridelic studies architecture with a massive Code26-Robot smashing buildings. Fridlic played along with the set theme and drew herself as "miss turning torso" snareing Code26 with some very surrealistic artwork.
To everyone's surprise the two judges decided that both their votes were blanks!?!?!
This left it all down to the crowd's vote and the vocal support for Fridelic was superior.
More on this very controversial battle will follow, stay tuned to this space!

Big thanks to everyone that attended! It was a very good night.
Massive shout out to the artists, beatboxer Reeps One, the host Jimi Crayon, the three DJ's (Rob Love - Romme - Simón), Filip, Sonny, the judges, Rock-a-Spot, Dick, Edding and Reebok!!

Big Love
See You All on the 24th October - Quarterfinals 3 & 4!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Warm up @ Impala store

Last night at the Impala store was a smashing success!
All eight artists showed a brief glimpse of their talent and Reeps tore the crowd apart with his beatboxing.

22:00 hours at number 22!
Look out for some dangling Reeboks!

SW Malmö WAR(M) UP at Impala Möllan

Tonight between 17:30-20:00 we will gather all the battling artists at Impala's Möllan store for a warm up!
The draw deciding who will battle who will take place, Reeps One will beatbox, The artists will drop a taster of their skillz and there will be free beer..!

See you there!

Södra Förstadsgatan 96


Lat: N 55º 35' 47.88"
Long: E 13º 1' 47.49"