Sunday, 17 May 2009


Secret Wars Malmö went clubbing and it was a night to remember..

Kajplats, every teenager in the mid 90's favourite joint, was the venue of choice. Nostalgic but also very suitable, located right in the middle of Malmö's old dockyard. The official body count landed on 764 people through the door and the atmosphere was electric when artists Ossian, NEZ, LIMPO and S.I.C took to the stage. Rob Love and dj Babydoll pumped the music while the two teams fought out one of the toughest battles to date.

After 90 minutes of splashing ink it was all up to the crowd and the two judges..
Crowd's Vote: The crowd went mental for team SICTU and wouldnt stop screaming!

Kathrine, a.k.a Mami, Danish all-in-one-deluxe: Studio Seved Masta Chillaz

Kristoffer: SICTU

SICTU vs. Studio Seved Masta Chillaz 2-1

So the clean style of SSMC was beaten by SICTU's more dynamic composition. Time to look forward to the Grand Final on the 6th of June!

A very big thanks to: Studentkåren Malmö, Lina, the DJs, the judges, Diego, Elvan, Yes-man, Edding, everyone else who helped out and of course everyone who showed up and helped us to partyyy!!

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