Sunday, 3 May 2009


What a blast!!

Secret Wars is definitely back 2009 with a serious vengeance!
Mad party with over a 1000 people through the door and a very exciting battle between two teams that really went for each other!

Critically acclaimed comic book artists El Granero & Karolina the Cowgirl went blow for blow with the laid back duo of Ekwe & Georg, a heavy metal bass player and a fine art painter (who didn't even know each other a week ago!?)
The battle was hard fought with visual punches flying back and forth across the board.
When it was time to decide a winner it felt like it could go either way..

Crowd's Vote: The more polished artwork of Ekwe & Georg turned out to be the crowd's favourite.

Judge 1 - Simon Silfverberg, artist and designer: Ekwe & Georg -"It was close!"

Judge 2 - Lina Hedman, head of Malmö Uni's student union: Ekwe & GeorgSo 3-0 to Ekwe & Georg who will contest the Grand Final on the 6th of June. We will find out who their opponents will be on the 16th May..

After the battle the party continued in true Secret Wars spirit until 6 in the morning when the bar ran out of beer for the second time! DJs Simón de la Onda, akai one and Romme did a world tour of music styles and had the dance floor jumping for eight hours straight!
The police stopped by at one point (and liked what they saw!). Max Peezay (!) swung by for a energy filled guest app and Swedish folk hero Timbuktu also had a little fiddle with the mic.
Amazing night!
Thanks and see you in two weeks - 16th May y'alllllll!!!!

Special thanks to...The four brave artists, the three DJs, the two judges, Viktor, Rob Love, Micke, Sonny, Edding and Max Peezay/AllOutDubstep - Big Up!

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