Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Secret Wars Malmö - Q-finals 3 & 4

The Malmö tournament continued in style on the 24th October.
Despite the rain a good 500 people showed up and partied until 7 in the morning!

Pistolina vs. Ikkyro 1-2

This battle was full of swords and blood with both artists going for a literal interpretation of "Wars". Ikkyro's fantasy army got both the judges votes, while Pistolina's stylish reply got the crowds vote.

Fabian vs. Camilla von Eklund 3-0

After the warm-up at Impala many rated Camilla as their favourite to scoop the 1st prize in November...but Fabian definitely had other ideas!
This top class battle was fought on all kinds of levels and in the end Fabian ran out a 3-0 winner and booked a place in the semis.

Thanks to the crowd, the very excellent artists, the DJs, Sonny the photographer, the judges Dick-Johanna-Tor-Olof, Edding and Reebok!

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lös bilder nu ;)