Tuesday, 16 September 2008

SWE vs ENG - 10th May 2008 - Great Success!

In May Secret Wars Scandinavia premiered in Malmö with a Sweden vs. England 2 on 2 battle..

A healthy dose of exposure in local TV, radio and newspapers together with a warm up event in classic streetwear store Impala created the right hype. The battle itself went down on a roof and a over 600 strong crowd showed up despite the location being kept a secret..!!!

The experienced English team ran out 2-1 winners in an interesting battle of styles. Thanks to TECK1, JIMI CRAYON, FINSTA and LEOLYXXX for some wicked artwork! ..and thanks to everyone showing up!

Pics by Sonny Johansson...Loads more at http://web.telia.com/~u09400437/secret_wars/COLOR_FLASHGALLERY/ Check them out!!

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